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The goal for Cali Warner Media is to use our skills and passions to leave the world a bit more beautiful than we found it.

Whether it's telling the story of a once-in-a-lifetime wedding day or visual storytelling for a small business owners creation into the world, it's the work we're honored to do. 

We’d love to hear more about your upcoming adventure. Let's create something beautiful together. 

i'm CALI.

Hi - Ciao - Bonjour 

The combination of your why and how is as exclusively yours as your fingerprint.
- Simon Sinek

So, I bought a camera, and the rest was history. (j.k. there's more...)

A visionary with big ideas, Cali truly loves her work. She’s always creating, forever a student, and brimming with wanderlust.

Cali’s known for romantic, timeless and emotion-driven videography that captures fleeting moments that seem to freeze both time and feeling. She loved making nice cream before it was 'a thing', is a lover of all things law of attraction and reasonably "woo". 

i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke gluten-free ugh shoreditch XOXO heirloom 

It all started...

Umami waistcoat truffaut, cold-pressed forage cliche succulents. Banh mi wayfarers tumeric celiac poke 

My Story

My Timeline

where I've been


I left my job as a corporate health coach to go full time in my business and passion; Cali Warner Media. I am blessed beyond measure to get to work everyday with fabulous clients like you! 


CAREER GOALS SHIFT. I sold my baby grand piano for a Canon Mk III and a secondhand 50mm lens. It was a lifechanging day and I was so proud of my decision! 


I started shooting anything and everything I could! From food, to senior portraits, to family photos, and then my first weddings. 




Met Dustin! It was love at first sight. JK. He told everyone we were soul mates on our first date and I was like whoooooa slow down cowboy!


Went to college to further my planned career as a concert classical pianist. I grew up performing in state competitions & countries all around Europe- an experience that shaped me- from my work ethic to my confidence-to this day!


The first videos emerge via photo collages to music on my old-school mac. I would play them for anybody I knew! (Ah, the days before youtube). 

Turns out that ol' cowboy from 2010 was right! We were soul mates all along. After 7 years of dating, traveling the world and soaking up all the slow moments, we finally got hitched in the red rocks of Utah in an intimate ceremony! 

As I asked myself every day "What do I want to do with my life?" A growing sense of "trying to fit a square peg in a round hole" ensued when I pursued a career in corporate health coaching.

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Dress fashion shoot for latter day bride

Erica & Scott

Chari & CJ

 Vids you've got to see...

from my hunky husband &
chunky baby boy!

1. kisses


at a leisurely pace please- and with flowers in the basket, of course! I may or may not be stopping for a baguette. 

bike riding


Why not live a life full of reasons to celebrate? At weddings, at parties, at my house, come on over! 

champange toasts


Currently on page 295 of "The Home Edit Life" and I may or may not stop to stare at shoe closets multiple times a week because it makes me happy.

designer shoes


Not just on Tuesday! 



My hubby and I have a slight obsession with fireplaces, fire pits, campfires...  because it always means happiness. It's where we love to spend evenings with our friends and family! 

Firepit nights


Although the mountains are home, I dream of a summer house on the beach someday. I lived in Hawaii for a few years in my 20's and my hubby and I met in the Bahamas! Good things always happen on a beach. 

Beeeeach please.


I'm also a food & restaurant photographer and I can never leave a store without one eye open for tiny dishes, handmade stoneware, and unique kitchen items! My besties can attest to me sending them on antique store hunting missions. 

props, all the props


As a teenager I made summer trips for classical piano performance tours. Paris has my heart above all! 

visiting europe


I know, he was on #1. He's also really my #10 and all the numbers. While being a new momma AND running a business is no joke, it is deeply fulfilling and I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

my little man



things I'm crazy about

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